You may not realize it but your website is getting more

Websites are sort of like computers. After a time, your computer needs to be updated from the ground up, and so does your website. You wouldn’t keep a computer for 10yrs, at least as your main computer, would you? If you said yes, then please move along because this discussion might not be a good fit for you. Ok, just kidding, read on.

So what happens when your computer gets out of date? It might start running slow, catch a virus or two and maybe start acting a bit strange. Updates might be unavailable because the hardware that initially supported your computer can’t upgrade to the latest OS. Websites do the same thing, just like a computer, websites start to get out of date. That could be everything from the technology that supports it to the design or the content on your site.

Are you still using images like this on your website?

Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes! If you answered yes, it might be time to update your website. Just saying, is all. If you answered no, then carry on to the next section, there might be a few more juicy tidbits for you to sink your brain into.

How do you know when your website is out of date?

Unfortunately, websites don’t age like fine wine. Technology moves so fast that websites kind of age in dog years, but instead of 7yrs it’s more like 15yrs for every 1 year. If your website is 3yrs old then it’s about 45 if it’s 7yr old, it’s time to retire. Most businesses don’t realize this and therefore let their websites get out of date and past their prime.

Look around, do your competitors have better sites than you? They may be doing a better job of keeping up with the times. The design may be more modern, or they are going mobile while your site is just desktop only. It doesn’t hurt to check in and see what they’re doing to get a better notion of where trends in your industry are going.

You need to remember that your customers are exposed to a lot of different websites from other industries that do a better job staying up-to-date. If their looking at other websites and expecting your design or the way you present yourself to be more current, then you might have a problem with what your communicating.

7 Ways Evaluate If Your Website Needs An Update

  1. Has your website been hacked together by multiple vendors?
  2. Is the style of your website out of date?
  3. Is the information on your website dated?
  4. Can you not update or upgrade your current website?
  5. Is your website stuck on a proprietary content management system that doesn’t let you do what you want?
  6. Does your website not capture the essence of your brand or company accurately?
  7. Do your customers get confused or lost on your website?

If you answered yes to any of these seven questions then, you guessed it, you might need a new website. That’s ok; every business runs into problems like this from time-to-time.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand how quickly technology, styles, and trends in web design move these days. But, you might be saying, our website was expensive, and it took forever to build. Sure, it’s reasonable to try to squeeze every last penny of investment out of your website, but are your competitors just sitting on their hands doing nothing? The answer is no; they are not just waiting around. They are thinking of every way they can gain a competitive advantage of their competition, and in this day and age, a website is one of the best ways to do that.

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out of date by the minute. Here are some basic guidelines to follow when thinking about whether it’s time to update or not.