5 Ways Your Website is Costing You Money

Do you know how your website is costing you? Companies large and small fail to implement these simple tips leaving money and growth on the table. Seth Erickson Often small businesses spend a lot of money building beautiful new websites, but for some reason, the new website either doesn’t perform as well as the last […]

3 Mistakes Small Businesses Make When Launching Their Website.

3 Mistakes Small Business Owners Make when Building their New Websites. Seth Erickson You know the feeling, the site is ready to launch, you’ve been working your ass off to get it done, and you want to say “Make it so #1” like Piccard on Startrek. Before you launch, here are three things you may […]

How Your Mindset Affects Your Small Business

How Your Mindset Affects Your Small business talks about a struggle that all of us small business owners face. Hint, it’s us! Seth Erickson Every small business owner deals with the ups and downs of running a small business. Your life can seem like it’s on an out of control roller coaster. You can go […]