Why Your Website Matters More Than You Think

Does your website support your brand, or is it just a thing that you have because your customers expect it, or your competition has one? When asked, companies say they have a website because they thought they needed it. After all, that’s what they were told to do. They might say they have a website, […]

How to better communicate with your customers

A lot of small businesses struggle to communicate well. In this article, we’ll discuss why it is and what to do about it. How do we better communicate with our customers is a question many companies ask. The answer is simple, storytelling. While mathematics is the language of the universe, stories are the language of […]

3 Tips on Choosing the Right Web Agency

Looking to hire a web design professional to help you to build or rebuild your website? Here are 3 tips to think about when considering who to partner up with. A lot of small businesses struggle when trying to find the right web agency for their new website. Let’s face it when it comes to agencies; there […]