Why Your Website Matters More Than You Think

Does your website support your brand, or is it just a thing that you have because your customers expect it, or your competition has one? When asked, companies say they have a website because they thought they needed it. After all, that’s what they were told to do. They might say they have a website, […]

Website vs. Web Presence

Your website matters, and probably more than you think, because it’s often the first impression a potential customer gets about your brand. Is your website giving the wrong idea? Seth Erickson Many companies have websites, but how many of you have a web presence? More often than not, websites are viewed as vehicles of acquisition; […]

An Unconventional Way to Figure Out Your Avatar

After struggling for 5yrs we figure out a better way to nail down our ideal client Seth Erickson I find that many entrepreneurs/marketers/agencies struggle with the question of who is their ideal client/avatar. The reason they struggle is that they may be working with and trying to solve problems for a variety of businesses that […]