Storytelling & Branding For Small Businesses

Establish Your Authority

Create a visible online position in the online marketplace.

Stand Out in the Crowd

Stand out so that you can be remembered not forgotten.

Grow Your Company

Growth doesn’t have to be hard if you have a process.

Are You Getting Lost
in the Crowd?

Most small businesses get lost in the crowd because they don’t differentiate themselves from their competition.

  • Are You Struggling to Define Your Online Presence?
  • Do You Need to Create Brand Authority?
  • Is it Time to Redefine Your Brand Perception?
  • Do You Want a Brand that Stands Out?
  • Is Your Message All Over the Place?
  • Do You Want to Tell a Better Story?

Start getting your small business noticed and remembered

Websites that Convert

Don’t pay for pretty design. Pay for results you can measure.

Marketing that Works

Forget the hype. Focus on proven marketing that gets real results.

Storytelling that Sells

Tell a compelling story about your customer not yourself.

Steps to Creating Brand Authority

The Non-Traditional Way to Stand Out Online

You’re in good company

“Kodis exceeded our expectations in every way possible and helped us stand out in a crowded CBD market.”
Colleen McCord, Canary Skin Care

About Kodis

Many small businesses struggle with poor communication, and lack of differentiation.

If either is out of alignment, then small businesses especially tend to struggle. We’ve seen it all, which is why we developed the “Brand Authority Matrix” so that you can establish your brand expertise, stand out from the crowd, and not be the same as everyone else.

What People Say

When we aren’t there to stop them!

A Simple Guide to Define Your Vision

Most business owners don’t have a clear picture of where they want to go. This guide will help you define the destination you want to arrive at with ease.